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image shows Nigel Hirst and a client standing in a shooting cage
image shows Nigel Hirst and a friend shooting in the countryside
image shows Nigel Hirst targeting a low clay

Professional Clay Target and Game Shooting Tuition

Yorkshire Shooting Services exists to help you become a better shot and enjoy your sport more. Just as qualified instruction can help smooth out your golf swing or refresh your driving skills, a few lessons from an experienced coach can improve your shooting very significantly - whatever your current level. With our help, you will soon be seeing your targets earlier and hitting them more often.

Custom Made Hearing Protection

That you need to protect your ears when you go shooting is obvious, but did you know there are systems available that can actually enhance your  natural hearing whilst giving you total protection against gunshot noise? We are one of three national dealers for Puretone, the leading UK manufacturer of audio defenders. With a solution to suit every budget, their range has always included some of the very best ear protectors available to shooters.