If you shoot without some form of ear protection in place you may not feel that any damage has been done, but the CPSA states bluntly that shooting without ear defenders does harm that is, in their words, "gradual, permanent and irreversible".

The table below shows just how far in excess of safe levels the sound impact from a gun can be. As there are now systems on the market that can actually improve your hearing significantly while giving first-rate protection, we at Yorkshire Shooting Services believe that anyone shooting regularly should invest in a proper, individually-fitted audio defence system. Please click the menu links opposite to learn more about the solutions we can supply and then contact us if you wish to arrange a fitting.

10dB Leaves rustling
20dB A watch ticking
40dB Quiet conversation
60dB Singing
65dB CIEH max level for grounds
80dB HSE lower exposure level
85dB HSE upper exposure level
100dB Typical club or disco
107dB Motorcycling at 80mph
120dB Shotgun at the shoulder
150dB Shotgun peak (HSE AS8)


CENS ProFlex+ is the latest version of the CENS system, now with a larger battery that can give as much as 400 hours of use. With CENS ProFlex+ you will have superb hearing protection, but still hear every detail of the sounds around you. In fact, your natural hearing can actually be enhanced quite remarkably - and with little or no loss of directional information. Proflex+ is available in three versions:

Proflex+ Digital One, at £489, has a single audio processing program designed for good all-round performance.

ProFlex+ Digital Two, at £609, has two switchable settings, one optimised for clay shooting and the other for game. CENS ProFlex+ Hunter, with two presets specifically designed for rifle shooters, is priced at £659. CENS Proflex is backed by a full factory spares and servicing capability, so you can expect to enjoy many years of optimum performance from a Proflex ear protection system. CENS Proflex+ is now used by George Digweed, acknowledged as the World #1 clay target shooter, on game shoots.

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Not so long ago, wearing ear protection meant accepting that you would have to shoot while insulated from the sounds that are often the first clues to your target's motion.

Fortunately, there is now a solution that can reduce the noise of a gunshot to no more than a dull thud, but which still allows you to hear even the quietest of sounds around you.

In fact - quite incredibly - CENS Digital protection can actually enhance your perception of ambient audio significantly.

CENS Digital is a truly superb solution for the serious shooting enthusiast and Yorkshire Shooting Services is proud to be an approved agent for these products, authorised to carry out the fitting procedure that allows a precise match of the inserts to your ears.

CENS Digital is available in two variants: CENS 1 and CENS 2. CENS 1 provides all-round shooting noise suppression; CENS 2 allows the user to switch between protection optimised for a shooting ground environment and a 'game shooting' setting that delivers superb sensitivity to ambient sounds between gunshots. To hear more examples of shooting sounds with & without protection… click here.

A CENS 1 system costs from £399 including VAT and fitting, CENS 2 from £529.



Sonic Valves are passive noise protectors that are particularly suitable for shooters. A unique audio valve is incorporated into a silicon mould that is manufactured using impressions taken from your ears, ensuring the best possible fit and a very high level of comfort for the wearer.

The valve system allows ordinary conversation and other ambient sounds to be heard, but reacts to high-level noise threats, such as nearby gunfire, and blocks them out. Sonic Valves are available in a wide range of colours, see below, and are priced at £99 per pair, including fitting by a YSS specialist and delivery.



ProtectHear inserts are manufactured using medical grade soft silicone, individually shaped according to exact impressions taken from the user's ears. Although they do not have an active electronic element, they nonetheless provide an excellent level of protection, carry the CE mark and conform to standard EN 352-2: 1993.

ProtectHear is a vented system and incorporates a passive acoustic filter, which attenuates loud noise whilst still allowing the wearer to hear some speech and other ambient sounds.

Yorkshire Shooting Services are trained and authorised to take the impressions needed to ensure that the finished plugs are an exact fit to the ears.

Available in yellow, flesh, blue or transparent colours, a pair of ProtectHear inserts is available for £89.99 including VAT and fitting. If you are looking for a superb level of comfort and a high degree of protection, at a reasonable price, ProtectHear is an ideal choice.

ProtectHear is also particularly well-suited to environments where the level of noise threat is more or less constant, for example at sports events or when motorcycling.


If you're not yet ready for a more sophisticated system, you'll still need to make sure that your hearing is safe from harm. That also applies to those who enjoy other sports, such as motorcycling, where the noise danger is less obvious but almost equally dangerous. When shooting, properly fitted plugs are more comfortable and far less of a distraction than a pair of foam plugs forced into your ears.

Supplied by the makers of the CENS and ProtectHear products, these plugs are available in a wide range of colours, as below, which can even be combined for a 'marbling' effect (small extra charge applies). Manufactured to match the contours of your ears precisely, these plugs will insulate your hearing from excessive noise in a variety of environments. From £60, including VAT and fitting. For more information about ear protection, please click here