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The EasyHit System

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EasyHit fitted to the gun - click to see enlarged

It is generally accepted that shooting a shotgun with both eyes open is almost essential, to ensure that targets are picked up in the shooter's perpheral vision at the earliest opportunity. The downside is that the ideal sighting geometry would have just one eye involved, aligned with the barrel; for most people, the contribution of the open off-barrel eye is to generate an offset in the perceived position of the target. How much of a problem this is depends on the extent to which one eye is a dominant 'Master Eye' and whether that eye is the one aligned to the barrel. An EasyHit system (which is relatively cheap) causes a small dot of light to appear to the barrel-aligned eye but, crucially, not to the off-axis eye. That tricks the brain into assigning dominance to the aligned eye, which can transform hit rates for some shooters. YSS can test to determine if a master eye dominance problem is likely to be affecting your shooting, and then provide a gun fitted with the EasyHit system for you to try out and assess for yourself. Of proven value to many, you may well find that it is right for you.