There is a widespread belief that game birds are hapless fliers which can be shot without difficulty, but the reality is that a grouse may be travelling at over 60mph and coming onto the guns at very low altitude.


Game shooting can be an expensive sport and it certainly makes sense to devote time to improving your shooting skills before going on your game shoot.

Yorkshire Shooting Services can provide you with a comprehensive introduction to shotgun shooting and game shooting, as well as offering experienced advice on such things as buying a shotgun, suitable clothing and the itinerary and etiquette of a day’s game shooting.

It makes perfect sense to arrange for tuition at a clay shooting ground - where clay targets can be used to simulate game birds - and many of our clients choose to do this. Professional coaching is not just of benefit to those enjoying their first days in the field; Nigel has helped many experienced shooters to improve their technique, especially with the higher and more challenging birds.

Fees: £70 for a 90 minute session of individual tuition, plus clays and cartridges.


Having a source of professional tuition on hand throughout a day or half-day’s shoot can be tremendously beneficial, and gives added reassurance if you are not familiar with the etiquettes and conventions of the field.

In fact, if you are a novice or near-novice shooter it is expected that you declare yourself as such and be supervised by a more experienced shot. If no such person is available you may be unable to take part, or be reliant upon the goodwill of others for a few precious minutes under their supervision.

If you make use of the loading and coaching service offered by YSS (sometimes referred to as an ‘accompanied shoot’), you are assured of discreet and timely assistance throughout your time on the estate.

You may simply appreciate having someone reload your gun for you and carry equipment it may otherwise be somewhat wearying to shoulder, but many experienced guns find that having a professional coach observe and assist means that they continue to improve.

Fees: £600 per day plus expenses and travel


Red Grouse 12th August 10th December
Common Snipe 12th August 31st January
Black Game 20th August 10th December
Partridge 1st September 1st February
Duck, Geese (inland) 1st September 31st January
Duck, Geese (coastal) 1st September 20th February
Coot, Moorhen 1st September 31st January
Woodcock 1st October 31st January
Pheasant 1st October 1st February